Eating Pistachios To Lose Weight

Eating Pistachios To Lose Weight



Sometimes, the obvious jumps out to prove itself to be very special.  We've enjoyed pistachios for years but I recently became aware of how they might be the very best diet food yet.




We Are Pistachio Nuts


Knowing that they are good for us and enjoying the taste, we’ve always been nuts about pistachios. With loads of potassium, and zero cholesterol how could we go wrong to use them as a snack food?

One serving is large--1/4 cup, and they are high in magnesium, manganese, copper, B6, and phosphorus. Clearly, this nut is at the top of the snack fare nutrition scale, making them an ideal food to eat on the run.

The average person could greatly benefit from a daily dose of this uniquely flavorful nut. Since reading studies about cholesterol and pistachios, our goal is to include them in our diets on a regular basis so we can get the most out of what their tiny packages offer.


A Pistachio Discovery


Last month I learned what a truly great diet food they could be. It began by discovering that too many pistachios were behind the difficulty my toddler granddaughter had after eating them. Let’s just say that we had an interesting drive down to Amelia Island.

I was glad she loved them, but I did not realize how much fiber they contained until her parents told us about her previous encounters with them. At first, I was afraid she might be allergic to them! Turns out that a little of these nuts can go a long way with kidlets.

By the end of our trip I began thinking about whether I was benefitting from the fiber I was getting from pistachios. Very sadly, we had to say goodbye to our children back in Knoxville, but we then went on “up the country” to visit some older relatives in Kentucky.

That is where I acquired cuttings from an aunt’s white hydrangea that I put in a bottle of water to take home. (Stay tuned for a new gardening hub this summer!) It was a 7 hour drive back to our house from there but having successfully done this in the past, I pampered the cuttings all the way.

After changing the water halfway through the trip I dropped a pistachio nut into the bottle. This is not a secret gardening tip. I just thought the cuttings could use some of the minerals the nut might leach into the water.

Much to my surprise that nut expanded to twice its size. It was like seeing the fiber in action. Of course, that made me read the information on the product bag and started me thinking about how I could make the most out of all that this awesome food offers.


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Pistachio nuts are full of fiber and nourishment for our bodies--they really are a super food!
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Nutrient rich pistachios are a taste treat!
Pistachios Before Dinner


I remembered an old saying, “Have a piece of candy before dinner to curb your appetite.” I probably tried that once or twice, but it’s not something I could do regularly. It's true, life is short and I would rather eat dessert first, but what a bad example for the kids!

Pistachios, on the other hand, could be a different story. Fiber is filling. These nuts are an easy sell in the nutrition department. Their taste is a powerhouse when it comes to satisfying palates. A serving size is easy to keep handy no matter how busy we get.

Naturally, the facts led me to realize that a small handful of pistachios could help curb my appetite. I’m trying to remember to munch on some about a half hour before it’s time to eat dinner, and to have them on hand when the hungrys hit at other times.

Eating only a few to meet the need is going to be the tricky part. They are so good that we could eat them just because, but I am trying to look at them like a yummy prescription that cannot be overdosed. Using them rather than indulging in them is the key.

This experiment seems successful, so far, but I’ve not been doing it for long. My thinking behind the concept is much like what I wrote about in my hub Flax Seed: Smart Food For Dieting. It's practical thinking, not extreme dieting.

It will be sometime before I have more evidence because this is no drop-25-pounds-in-5-days diet plan. The plan is to make these nutrient and fiber rich nuts a part of healthy living and let them help keep my appetite down while I benefit from their great nutrition.

I’ll try to update this hub at the end of summer. In the meantime, you might like to read up on them at Pistachio Health and give my pistachio diet a try!

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